I live in a condo and needed a ‘bike rack’ to store my bike. I looked at several vertical types and thought this one was the best. It was fairly easy to put together and seems sturdy. I have two bikes, each with different frame and wheel sizes – there are included instructions about how to adjust the frame for different wheel type and the vertical pole support can be adjusted for larger frames. So far, so good – I have both bikes up on them and nothing has fallen over yet!

Effortlessly store your bike with this NEW upright bicycle stand & free up valuable floor space
Perfect for Saving Space & Keeping Your Bike Safe & Secure

Vertical Bike Rack | Floor Bike Stand | Upright Bicycle Stand

Suitable for all types of bikes

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The indoor bike storage rack lets you store your bicycle instantly in a handstand position.

This specialised, upright design offers space, safety and stability in just seconds


Material: ‎Alloy Steel, Plastic
Item Weight: ‎3.62kg

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Original price was: $179.Current price is: $149.

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Various heights can be adjusted, ranging from 20″-24″ children’s bicycles, 25″-27″ mountain bikes, 650C-700C road bicycles, and the wheelbase is within 1140mm. The tire width does not exceed 2.4″.



It is not only suitable for front and rear storage, but also can be stored vertically or horizontally to meet your space-saving needs. Just gently lift and roll into the groove to avoid drilling or scratching. It is very suitable for corners and small spaces such as dormitories, apartments and offices.


There are 4 stable plastic bases at the bottom. The brackets form a triangular stable structure with the ground, and the top hook makes it the most stable. You can assemble and place it on any flat place within 10 minutes according to the instructions. (Including carpet)


Using heat-treated good-quality steel, excellent powder spraying technology, the surface of the vertical bicycle frame is evenly coated, smooth, and rust-proof. The 4 corners are covered with rubber caps to avoid scratching the ground, wear resistance and reduce noise. Whether it is in dry or humid weather, the bracket can maintain a new state.
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What is a Vertical Bike Rack and how does it work?
A Vertical Bike Rack, also known as a Floor Bike Stand or an Upright Bicycle Stand, is a storage solution that allows you to store your bike in an upright position. It typically consists of a sturdy frame with hooks or slots that securely hold the bike’s frame or wheel. The rack supports the bike vertically, minimizing its footprint and maximizing storage space.
Can a Floor Bike Stand accommodate different bike sizes?
Yes, a Floor Bike Stand, also referred to as a Vertical Bike Rack or an Upright Bicycle Stand, is designed to accommodate various bike sizes. The adjustable hooks or slots can be positioned to fit bikes with different frame sizes, wheel diameters, and tire widths. This flexibility allows you to store bikes of different types, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes.
Is a Upright Bicycle Stand suitable for indoor and outdoor use?
Yes, an Upright Bicycle Stand, also known as a Vertical Bike Rack or a Floor Bike Stand, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These stands are designed to withstand different weather conditions and are often made of durable materials such as steel or aluminum. However, it’s recommended to choose a stand with weather-resistant coatings or finishes if you plan to use it outdoors for extended periods.
How many bikes can a Vertical Bike Rack hold?
A Vertical Bike Rack, also referred to as a Upright Bicycle Stand or a Floor Bike Stand, can hold multiple bikes depending on its design and size. There are racks available that can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 6 bikes or more. It’s important to check the specific capacity of the rack you’re considering to ensure it meets your storage needs.
Can a Floor Bike Stand be used for bike maintenance?
Yes, a Floor Bike Stand, also known as a Vertical Bike Rack or an Upright Bicycle Stand, can be used for bike maintenance tasks. By securely holding the bike in an upright position, it provides a stable platform for various maintenance activities, such as cleaning, lubricating, or making adjustments. This allows for easier access to different parts of the bike.
Is a Vertical Bike Rack easy to assemble?
Yes, most Vertical Bike Racks, also referred to as Floor Bike Stands or Upright Bicycle Stands, are designed for easy assembly. They usually come with clear instructions and all the necessary hardware for setup. Depending on the specific model, assembly may involve attaching the frame pieces together, securing the hooks or slots, and ensuring stability. No specialized tools are usually required for assembly.
Can an Upright Bicycle Stand be used for long-term storage?
Yes, an Upright Bicycle Stand, also known as a Vertical Bike Rack or a Floor Bike Stand, can be used for long-term storage of your bikes. These stands provide a stable and secure storage solution that keeps the bikes in an upright position, minimizing strain on the tires and frame. However, it’s recommended to periodically check the bikes and make any necessary adjustments to ensure their condition.
Are Floor Bike Stands suitable for limited storage spaces?
Yes, Floor Bike Stands, also referred to as Vertical Bike Racks or Upright Bicycle Stands, are ideal for limited storage spaces. The vertical storage position helps save floor space, making them suitable for apartments, garages, sheds, or small storage areas. By utilizing the vertical space, these stands allow you to store bikes efficiently without taking up much room.
Is a Vertical Bike Rack compatible with different types of bikes?
Yes, a Vertical Bike Rack, also known as a Floor Bike Stand or an Upright Bicycle Stand, is compatible with various types of bikes. It can accommodate different frame styles, including diamond frames, step-through frames, and even bikes with sloping top tubes. Some racks may have adjustable hooks or padded surfaces to ensure compatibility and prevent scratches or damage to the bike frames.
Can an Upright Bicycle Stand be used for displaying bikes in a retail setting?
Yes, an Upright Bicycle Stand, also referred to as a Vertical Bike Rack or a Floor Bike Stand, can be used for displaying bikes in a retail setting. Its vertical storage position showcases the bikes effectively, allowing customers to see the designs and features. These stands provide a neat and organized display while also ensuring the bikes are securely held in place.

15 reviews for Vertical Bike Rack | Floor Bike Stand | Bicycle Stand

  1. Sarimah

    Perfect. Already ordered for second time. I recommend.

  2. Matt London

    as described and fast delivery

  3. Martin Price


  4. Karl

    fast arrival, very satisfied

  5. Paul

    Good upright bike stand

  6. David

    very high quality, made very neatly. its not thick but not transparent either. recommended.

  7. Wouter

    The item as described … very well made, feels and looks sturdy when my bike is parked

  8. Kayla

    Great quality and awesome service, I am very pleased and will order again! Thank you!

  9. Gabby

    very satisfied with this order. the floor bike rack is very stable with my mountain bike mounted on it.

  10. Adam

    Perfect, very satisfied with my new floor bike rack.

  11. Alex

    Very satisfied with the service. Item arrived quickly, well packaged, and exactly as described. Will definitely order again!

  12. Pook

    Good quality frame, thank you!

  13. Peter

    Excellent product. Came on time and is easy to use. Very pleased with the product and would buy it again.

  14. Joan Morrison

    Great. I have very little space and it helps immensely. Thanks!

  15. Luke

    Really clever design, solid, and easy to assemble. Saves me a heap of space in the garage! Have 3 of them and VERY happy. Thank you so much. Highly recommend these stands.

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